Phillip Dowsett – A Sultan’s Folly

“What can I say, but a big shout-out and thank you to Linda Lycett and all the team at Aurora House for bringing my second book, A Sultan’s Folly, to publishing fruition. Coming to fiction writing at an older age, I deeply appreciated the professional assistance and support of the Aurora House team, which put me very much at ease. No query from me was too problematic for
them to handle, and they always responded in a prompt, friendly and professional manner.

As a fiction writer, when you have been so close to your manuscript for so long, you look for professional advice that is both constructive and honours your writing efforts. Linda and the Aurora House team provided that to me in spades. I self-published my first book and can make a ready comparison of the two processes. The quality of the text editing,
proofreading, cover design and layout provided by Aurora House was exceptional, and I am happy to pass on my recommendation of their services to other emerging writers.”


Carl Lakeland | Author of Eagle Shield and Project AmberEagle Shield and Project Amber Carl LakeLand

Family . . . That’s the one word that comes to mind. Family looks after each other. Family sticks together and backs each other up. Family checks in and makes sure everybody’s okay. Family, cares. Family . . . goes beyond mere friendship. That’s how I feel about my relationship with Aurora House. Nothing’s too hard and everything’s possible.

From the day I received an email from Sarah Voglar to say Aurora would like to publish my manuscript, right up until the time Linda Lycett got in touch with me to say my books went live on Amazon, the whole process from start to finish was professionally and skillfully taken care of.

I know about self-publishing. I’ve done it before. But with Aurora, your time is given back to you so you’re able to be more productive elsewhere (like writing you next book). And time . . . is . . . money . . .

This author recommends Aurora House when flexibility and freedom are more important than rigid lock-in traditional publishing contracts.

Bunty’s Adventures In BerrimaRosalind Dale 

My first two experiences of writing and publishing came through the trial and error system of doing it myself with the help of a designer and then by myself. On my third publication, I found it necessary to engage a more professional approach and was guided to Linda Lycett. From the outset, Linda was enthusiastic about the project and had many more ideas that I had not thought of before we spoke.

The very technical side of things I did not fully understand but with Linda’s help and the assistance of the Aurora House team, I was able to produce my latest book to the standard I required.

Aurora House offers writers like me many benefits, some of them being professional standard editing, graphics assistance and reach to the public. All of this was done to a high standard. I heartily recommend Linda and her wonderful team at Aurora House and look forward to our on-going relationship in the future.

Red Dust Dreams Lannah Sawers-Diggins

I have just had my pride and joy (after my children and grandchild) – ‘Red Dust Dreams’, published through Aurora House International Book Publisher. I must say it has been an amazing experience – one that was second to none. 

I am still not sure how I ‘found’ Aurora and its owner, Linda Lycett. Looking back, I do recall conducting a really thorough search of publishers nationwide and I did submit contact forms to several of them. Some responded, some didn’t. Linda did, very quickly – and she seemed to be pretty enthusiastic about taking on this challenge which was my book.

The reason I describe ‘Red Dust Dreams’ as being a challenge is because that’s exactly what I think it has been. I have absolutely thrived on the research and writing of it – followed by the publication but I hugely credit Linda, Sarah and Luke with their amazing efforts and patience with me when working on my book.

I have no idea how long it normally takes to have a manuscript edited and put through all that is involved to publish it and get it onto the market – but I really cannot thank Linda and Sarah enough for picking up so many little things – that I missed and trying to make the book as perfect as possible, ready for the public.

While I did not have direct contact with Luke, the cover design was his idea and I just loved it – still do. Absolutely love the Akubra – how perfect! Sarah and Linda both kept me right up to date on every movement and didn’t do anything without passing it by me first.

I cannot thank them enough – Aurora House International was the perfect choice for my book, ‘Red Dust Dreams’.

The Spirit of Love Glen and Edwina

To have been able to take a manuscript that was written without the intention of ever being published and transform it into the beautiful work that The Spirit of Love now is, reflects just how talented and creative Linda and her team are.

Linda is there with you every step of the way and was so open to receiving our suggestions for the book, that it made the entire experience feel like a true collaborative journey together.

Linda and her team are truly heart centered and caring in their approach, that are a joy and pleasure to work with. If you are looking for a touch a something special for your potential new book, Linda and her team are what dreams are made out of.

A Student of The Choir – Keaton Edwards

Linda and her publishing team have provided me a fantastic opportunity to become a published author at an international level. ‘A Student of The Choir’ was once a very rough manuscript but has blossomed into a beautiful book that I can call my own. The whole process of publishing and editing the manuscript was made easy through Linda’s great efforts and hard-working team. Very happy with the service I have received from Aurora House.



Mary’s Ireland – Mark Eyles

As a first- time published writer, I am absolutely delighted with Aurora House. Mary’s Ireland was a good story until Aurora House agreed to publish it. With Linda’s sensitive, educative and technically skilled editing and Sarah’s insightful and meticulous proofreading, as well as Luke’s formatting and graphics, Mary’s Ireland became a novel. Cheerfully and professionally the team took me into the world of the published author allowing me to bring my Mary to others…as she would say ‘so grand’. The other titles in the Mary series, Mary’s Poland and Mary’s War, will seek the nurturing of Aurora House.


Flames of Rebellion – Warwick O’Neill

“Linda and her team have provided a fantastic publishing service to turn ‘Flames of Rebellion’ from a very rough manuscript into a professionally presented hard copy and digital book. Always willing to lend advice and support throughout the process and even beyond the publishing date. Very happy with the whole process.”



The Faceless Man – Isaac Oosterloo

“Of all the publishing houses which I contacted, Aurora House were by far the best. Linda was passionate and interested in my work, and really appreciated the direction I wanted to go with my book. The whole process helped me take my material out of my notebooks and delivered it to a much wider audience. I now have regular freelance writing work and my career as a writer is taking off by publishing my first written book through Aurora House.”



Maxine Sommers – Forgiveness

I first met Linda at a workshop we both attended in 2013.  This motivated and creative lady helped realise a twenty-year dream, publishing my first book, an autobiography, the following year.

Our friendly working partnership has been an ongoing journey in mutual respect, accepting the process involved in pulling together all necessary aspects, which were carried out in a professional and reassuring manner.

Due to my limited computer skills, much of our proof-reading was sent to and fro via Australia Post, extending our agreed contract time by several weeks, understanding under the circumstances. Linda was supportive in meeting me at my level.

Linda’s well-managed guidelines were invaluable and greatly appreciated. She was enthusiastic and encouraging, keeping me up to date and well informed along the way. Linda also listened, and provided constructive feed-back. At no time did she endeavour to change the wording of my story. She would simply draw my attention to a word, sentence or paragraph that required clarity only.

Personally I find life refreshing when dealing with someone I can discuss things with, as opposed to the technical world, although I understand the need for both.  Working for and supporting Small Business has always been my way, and will continue to be.

Linda came along at the right time…it’s not easy finding someone flexible and accommodating in our fast-paced world, along with a willingness to help alleviate the odd frustration which may arise when one ventures into an unknown arena for the first time.

Thank you Linda – MAXINE SOMMERS

Amanda Starling – Mumma to Be

What a pleasure it has been working with Aurora House. Linda’s passion is contagious and her integrity admired, she certainly exceeded my expectations.  I feel honoured to have such a talented woman publish my book. Amanda Starling, Perth, Western Australia.




Albert Sedlmayer – FutureQuest

In January 2009 I started writing FutureQuest, and late 2011 got this 130,000-word non-fiction manuscript to a stage ready to present to a publisher. In researching publishers it quickly became apparent that large publishers were overwhelmed with submissions, apparently preferring low-risk manuscripts from previously-published authors. I saw that they seem to have set publishing programs that could never do justice to a work like FutureQuest, which engages in world events with a measure of time-sensitivity. My wife Gigi, who is also a published author, then came across Aurora House so In March 2012 I approached Linda Lycett with my book proposal.

Linda accepted the publishing challenge, fully understanding its time-sensitive nature and embarked on a thorough edit forthwith. Mid 2012 I reviewed all my bibliography citations and found that many needed updating in the light of unfolding world events and new research, which also required some rewriting. Linda took all this in stride, fully acknowledging the necessary updates, even though it meant re-working some of the editing to achieve the best possible book. In December 2012 FutureQuest was published.

During the entire editing/ publishing process I felt confident that Aurora House had the right mix of professionalism and enthusiasm to make FutureQuest as good as it could possibly get. Even though we live in cities a thousand kilometres apart, communication was excellent and at all stages I was in full control of my project. Linda’s experienced guidance and direction brought a high measure of certainty to the successful outcome. I will be publishing future works with Aurora House. Albert Sedlmaye, Benowa, Queensland.

Marion Brownlie – The Awakening

Aurora House has been on the ball, up front and honest with me throughout the whole publishing journey. They are very particular about ‘getting it right’. Personally I will be staying with this company for all my future publishing needs. Marion Brownlie Lismore Australia.




Smith – Encounter

Throughout the editing and publishing process I found Ms. Lycett and Aurora House to be professional and extremely thorough in their work ethic. I can recommend her skills to any author wishing to have their work reviewed, edited or published. Ronelle Smith, Culburra Beach, NSW.




Elizabeth Howard

I would unreservedly recommend Linda for an objective viewpoint of your work and for making the necessary changes that always need to be done. Elizabeth Howard, Sydney.




Linda Lattin – Wheels of Mizfortunate

My relationship with Linda Lycett and Aurora House Publishing in publishing my manuscript “Wheels of Mizfortunate” has been enlightening, comprehensible, and a dream come true. I am a writer and this is my first experience of publishing a book. Aurora House has given me professional help on all levels of publishing, and has helped me in the many areas of publishing that I was unaware that I needed. They have given me help and direction in every aspect of publishing including setting up a website and advertising in that way.

Aurora House also opened up dialogue and communication with other writers in the company and I feel accepted and respected as “one of them.” I communicate with them on Aurora House’s website and have read some of their manuscripts. Linda Lycett has shown personal compassion for some of my experiences and is a gracious woman. I feel confident about referring others to the services Aurora House Publishing offers.

I will not hold Linda Lycett or Aurora House Publishing accountable if I don’t sell one million or more copies of the Wheels of Mizfortunate! ~ *smile & wink~ *Cordially, Linda L. Lattin

Gigi Sedlmayer – The Talon Series

My experience with Linda Lycett as my publisher through her publishing House, Aurora House, well what can I say? It was excellent. She listens to my suggestions if I like something to change in my books. She also listens to me when I describe to her how the cover should look. And there miraculously it appears.

I once met her. It was only short, but in that time we actually clicked together as if we know each other for a very long time. It was great.

I recommend her to every author who is looking for publishing their books.


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