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Graham Blewitt

I’m very grateful for the professional assistance provided by the Aurora House team in having my (very first) book published – “Justice and War Crimes”. I am particularly pleased with the cover design by Donika Mishineva and my website designed by Nitish Niranjan (  Throughout the entire process I was ably assisted and guided by the Aurora House Editor/Owner, Linda Lycett, who promptly answered my many questions and made appropriate suggestions along the way. I found Linda very easy to work with. The rest of the team were also easy to work with and again their attention to detail was very encouraging. They included the manuscript editor and proofreader and members of the promoting team. I am looking forward to working with Meredith Anderson in the coming months to further promote the sale of my book. I would highly recommend the Aurora House team to anyone wishing to have their book published.


Peter Bathie Testimonial - A League of JudgesPeter Bathie

It has been a pleasure to work with everyone at Aurora House, particularly the editors. Their input, attention to detail and professionalism when reviewing my manuscript has enabled me to achieve the tremendous satisfaction of publishing A League of Judges. I’m most grateful for all of the help I have received.



Peter Stevens Testimonial - Forest

Peter Stevens

“I was very excited when Aurora House responded to my submission – and were willing to help me get published in Australia! They were very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process – which was so enjoyable. Linda said that my story was really good, but that with Aurora’s help it could be great. And it is! Just need to sell a few now.”



Alison Sweeney

The sense of achievement I felt when I published my novel was overwhelming, and I thank Aurora House for making this possible. From start to finish my beloved book was in good, safe and caring hands. Professional, efficient, and knowledgeable is how I would describe everyone I dealt with during the whole process.



Joseph Cheng

In general, I am happy with the work of Aurora.  The staff members are friendly and helpful, and much has been accomplished through co-operation.




Lachlan Hughson

Lachlan Hughson – Walkabout to Wisdom

I will never be able to fully thank Linda and her team for the marvelous work they did helping me publish my first book.  From the initial conversation, through the difficult process of writing, editing and publishing my book, they were a joy to work with.  When it came to working with Amazon and other distributors, they made life so much easier than it could have been navigating the online world.  Linda is a wonderful person who genuinely wants to help authors show their best work possible – I will always owe her a debt of gratitude for all the ways in which she helped me.



Joan Miller

Aurorahouse was recommended to me as a reliable publisher and that has certainly been proven. As a first-time publisher at age 84 and not totally conversant with Internet, it was great to have expert guidance all of the way from initial appraisal to the final publishing and sales. The launching of my book ‘The University of Life and How I Graduated Free’ on 5th November, 2022 was a most memorable day. Many thanks to the Aurorahouse team.


Karan Sotoodah

I had a great experience publishing my first non-academic book with Linda and her team at Aurora House. In order to improve the quality of the manuscript, the book underwent several rounds of editing. Susan and Kathleen were both very supportive and helpful during this process. The book cover designed by Donika was very impressive. All members of the team contributed greatly to the publication and promotion of my book, and I am extremely happy with all their efforts.



Bailey Vaughan

Bailey Vaughan

“When I first started The Forgotten Metal and Bone, I never imagined that it would become published, thanks to Aurora it did. Right from the start they were there, if I had any questions or problems during the entire process of editing, proofreading, design, they were there and I’m thankful everyday they took a chance on me and my story. With any luck I hope to work with them again. I highly recommend the entire team.”



Ben Cossari

“As an author, I highly recommend the services of both Megan Crocombe and Justine Joffe. Their editing and proofreading skills are second to none, helping me create a polished manuscript ready for publishing.”

“I’d highly recommend Donika Mishineva from Art of Donika for her outstanding cover design creations. She not only delivers great work but also provides insights and industry know-how with her consultation.”




Vani Twigg

I am indebted to Linda and her team for their tireless efforts in enabling the publication of my first story, a labour of love for 10 years. Their professional expertise in the field of publishing is one area I am in awe of. The nitty-gritty and ins-and-outs of editing, layout, marketing and patience was an experience I have been grateful for especially since I am based in China.




Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy

What a daunting task it seemed at first when I decided to share my life story with the world but Aurora House made the process both easy and enjoyable through their editors and support team. We write to entertain or share knowledge and I have achieved that. One book is now history and will be read in 100 years, one has even motivated my doctor to change his life and the third, a children’s book, has won book of the month on Kindle as voted by young raiders and I received a monetary prize. All this is most satisfying to a budding author and achieved with the assistance and professionalism of these wonderful people. Thank you Aurora House.


Georgette Noelatte

When I first sent my manuscript, ‘Bits from the Pieces’, to Aurora House, I had expected professionalism and the usual commercial indifference. What I wasn’t expecting was the encouragement, patience and perfectionism during each step of the publishing procedure. I felt that I was dealing with friends rather than an industry and I am truly grateful to Linda Lycett and the brilliant staff at Aurora House for the pleasure of their company during my journey through to publication.


Mark Eyles

Mark Eyles

As a first- time published writer, I am absolutely delighted with Aurora House. Mary’s Ireland was a good story until Aurora House agreed to publish it. With Linda’s sensitive, educative and technically skilled editing and Sarah’s insightful and meticulous proofreading, as well as Luke’s formatting and graphics, Mary’s Ireland became a novel. Cheerfully and professionally the team took me into the world of the published author allowing me to bring my Mary to others…as she would say ‘so grand’. I have just published my second novel Mary’s Poland with Aurora.