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Kellie Davies author of Mabon

IMAGINE - the Satisfaction of Holding YOUR Published Book in YOUR Hands...

At Aurora House we listen to your aims, goals, dreams and ideas, then we find a way to blend them into your book and publishing experience. Publishing your book is exciting. And it should be fun too. With Aurora House, you have your own 'personal publisher' who stays with you throughout the whole publishing process and ensures you are happy at every step along the way. We tailor the processes to fit you and your book. We have a number PUBLISHING PACKAGES, so please check them out to find which would be suitable for you and your book.

Our job is to create the best book possible for you, bringing it to its highest potential. Watch your book develop from a rough manuscript into a refined published book. Then you can go forth with confidence, knowing that your book is up there with the best!

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NOW RELEASED - The Awakening

In a short space of time Marion has experienced events that have fast-tracked her spiritual understanding and personal growth. She has shared these events with you in The Awakening to show how she coped, with the hope that what she learnt will help you as well.

She had a traumatic life that left her with emotional problems, leading to dark days and an attempted suicide.

However, life had greater plans for Marion and she was set firmly on a path of spiritual discovery. The tough times and lessons taught her there was much more to life than one can consciously see and hear. Her healing abilities and spiritual understanding flourished as her spirit guides taught her how to heal and most importantly, to understand possession and entities and how this is so prevalent yet feared in our society.

Marion's journey is one of enlightenment and awakening.

Brilliantly written and recommended reading!


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