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At Aurora House we listen to your aims, goals, dreams and ideas, then we find a way to blend them into your book and publishing experience. Publishing your book is exciting. And it should be fun too. With Aurora House, you have your own ‘personal publisher’ who stays with you throughout the whole publishing process and ensures you are happy at every step along the way. We are an Independent publisher (not a self publisher) and tailor the processes to fit you and your book. Please take time to view our PUBLISHING PACKAGES to find which might best suit you and your book.

Our mission is to create the best book possible for you and bring it to its highest potential. Then you can go forth with confidence, knowing that your book is up there with the best!

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To enable our readers, authors and visitors to know what books we have available, we decided to bring them out and show you. This month we are featuring our self-help and spiritual books. Some are autobiographies, others may be able to help you along your way with your life, and one or two to entertain you with spiritual elements to the story. 

Our authors enjoyed writing their books, and hope that you will enjoy reading them just as much. All books are linked to their book page for you to explore and find out more…

All books are available to buy online as Paperback or eBook from a variety of bookstores worldwide. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us.



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The Fossilarchy

They Can Run the World but They Can’t Hide

Author: Tom Clark

Tom’s new book, The Fossilarchy, is everything that is going on in the oil industry in 2022. Its fast paced, full of action, tells it as it is and will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. 

The world faces climate meltdown after decades of denial and inaction driven by the fossil fuel industry. Wealthy Swiss businessman Wolfgang Dreiser decides that the only chance to avoid climate catastrophe is to sabotage the global industry and break its power. He has always wanted to do good, but is it right to break the law to prevent a greater harm? A key target is Australia, a leading producer and climate laggard. Alex Burns, ex SAS, is hired to lead the Australian mission to take out coal ports in the east and gas plants in the west. The mission uses a research vessel as deception in an Odyssey-like voyage around the Australian coast. How can the objectives be achieved while he protects his team and the global project from detection?

Separately, the son of Sean Mallon is killed by police at a climate protest in Brisbane. Distraught and angry, Mallon, ex-IRA, plots revenge on the coal industry, major culprits in Australia’s climate inaction which led to the protest.

Can he do it without hurting anyone and without being caught? 

At the eleventh hour, a sandstorm erupts in Saudi Arabia, crucial to the global attack which faces postponement. Should Burns press on with his mission or delay? 

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“What can I say, but a big shout-out and thank you to Linda Lycett and all the team at Aurora House for bringing my second book, A Sultan’s Folly, to publishing fruition. Coming to fiction writing at an older age, I deeply appreciated the professional assistance and support of the Aurora House team, which put me very much at ease. No query from me was too problematic for them to handle, and they always responded in a prompt, friendly and professional manner." Phillip Dowsett - A Sultan's Folly

Phillip Dowsett

Aurora House has been on the ball, up front and honest with me throughout the whole publishing journey. They are very particular about ‘getting it right’. Personally I will be staying with this company for all my future publishing needs. I have now published six books with Aurora House.  Marion Brownlie - The Awakening and Step into Mindfulness

Marion Brownlie

As a first- time published writer, I am absolutely delighted with Aurora House. Mary’s Ireland was a good story until Aurora House agreed to publish it. With Linda’s sensitive, educative and technically skilled editing and Sarah’s insightful and meticulous proofreading, as well as Luke’s formatting and graphics, Mary’s Ireland became a novel. Cheerfully and professionally the team took me into the world of the published author allowing me to bring my Mary to others…as she would say ‘so grand’. I have just published my second novel Mary's Poland with Aurora.  Mark Eyles - Mary's Ireland and Mary's Poland

Mark Eyles

Aurora House offers writers like me many benefits, some of them being professional standard editing, graphics assistance and reach to the public. All of this was done to a high standard. I heartily recommend Linda and her wonderful team at Aurora House and look forward to our on-going relationship in the future.  Rosalind Dale - Bunty Bailey's Adventures in Berrima

Rosalind Dale

Throughout the editing and publishing process I found Ms. Lycett and Aurora House to be professional and extremely thorough in their work ethic. I can recommend her skills to any author wishing to have their work reviewed, edited or published. Ronelle Smith - Encounter

Ronelle Smith
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