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Why Choose Aurora House to publish your book? We listen. We listen to your aims, goals, dreams and ideas, then we find a way to blend them into your book and publishing experience. Publishing your book is exciting. And it should be fun too. With Aurora House, you have your own 'personal publisher' who stays with you throughout the whole publishing process and ensures you are happy at every step along the way. We tailor the processes to fit you and your book.

Our job is to create the best book possible for you, bringing it to its highest potential. Watch your book develop from a rough manuscript into a refined published book. Then you can go forth with confidence, knowing that your book is up there with the best!

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We are honoured to have the privilege of publishing Best Selling author Helen Parry Jones new book Beyond Boundaries. It portrays an honest and illuminating account of her life as a Clairvoyant Medium spanning 30 years.  

Beyond Boundaries is the sequel to her first best seller Hands of An Angel.

Helen Parry Jones has been able to connect with the spirit world since her earliest childhood recollections. Since then, her abilities have developed far beyond recognised Spiritual Communication and Spiritual Healing, to a much higher level of consciousness. Through her advanced ability, Helen is able to locate illness and discover malfunctions within the human body and that of animals, with astounding detail and accuracy. 

Helen is due to arrive in Australia on 20th May and will be Guest Speaker at the Mind, Body Spirit Festivals in Sydney24th - 27th May and Melbourne 8th - 11th June.  She is also holding An Evening of Clairvoyance on 29th May at the RSL Parramatta, and an all day Intensive Healing Clairvoyance Workshop on 31st May. Venue TBA

In Melbourne the Evening of Clairvoyance is on 14th June at the Parkview Hotel in St. Kilda, and an all day Intensive Healing Clairvoyance Workshop on 16th June at the same location. Tickets are available from Eventbrite for all events.





What if destiny set an unexpected path and everything changed? And when the truth finally emerges, Angel's life will be forever transformed. She is gutsy, clever, and as a journalist, she's never afraid to break a controversial story. How was she to know her life will hit a wall and take a sharp left turn. 

Carl Lakeland weaves an incredible story, full of action from beginning to end. “As a writer, unpredictability is key essence. If I write something that can be foreseen in coming chapters, it’s not good enough. I will scrap it. My goal is to keep the reader wondering, even sometimes to the detriment of my good guys!”

AUTHOR of Project Amber and Eagle Shield

Carl Lakeland

Having enlisted into the military at the age of seventeen, he draws on his experience to create powerful and engaging speculative fiction. Lakeland spent most of his life undiagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Using this gift, he is able to create stories that are uniquely his own.

“Sometimes, I can’t let things be,” says Lakeland. “I write stories with passion that others might see as being obsessive. I live and breathe it. I dream it when I sleep. But I never write down my dreams. If I can’t remember those things I’ve dreamt, they’re not important enough.”



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