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Trojan SMERSH is an alternative history spy thriller concerning the deadly insurrection of January 6, 2021, and the USAF manned military space missions that never were. This novel dares to ask: what if there was something far more sinister afoot than what actually transpired that day in Washington DC?

After an attempt is made on his life, rogue ASIS agent and former US Space Force astronaut Sid Tanner finds himself on the frontlines of a conspiracy involving the Trump administration and the Russian death squad SMERSH (SMERt’ SHpiónam, meaning Death to Spies!). Considered a traitor to his country of Australia and its allies in the Coalition of the so-called Willing, he is #1 on the CIA and SMERSH’s respective hit lists because he knows too much on both sides. But now in life’s ironies, Tanner finds he is the only one who can save the Coalition who wronged him from a greater common enemy. As a modern-day Ned Kelly in his trusty suit of armour, Sid Tanner must infiltrate the Capitol riot and hunt down the agents of SMERSH before his past comes back to assassinate him. Such is life!

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