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As with anything new, some aspects of publishing can be confusing. As well as exciting, it ought to be an enjoyable stress free process. To alleviate this, the information below will help to guide you through the editing and publishing processes.

It can be scary to hand over your manuscript after all the hard work you have put into it. At Aurora House your work is in safe hands; we treat your work as you do yourself, with respect and care. From submission to publication, your work will receive the highest possible attention.

There are a number of steps to take in order to have your book published, and various ways to achieve this.

The first step in the process is to Submit your Manuscript for FREE Appraisal to see if we will accept your book for publication. It also allows us to look through your work and find out what, if anything, might need doing to improve your story. And allows for you to get to know us as well.

A Manuscript Assessment is not an essential part of the process, but it can show us what, if any, elements are missing, and what type of edit the manuscript needs. It will show the story’s strengths and weaknesses so it may be improved. These are just a few of the advantages of an assessment, and is recommended.

Once an appraisal has been completed (and an assessment if you so choose), and if we accept your book, the next step is to have your manuscript edited. This can be done by a Professional Editor before you submit to us, or our editors can perform the edit. Even if you choose to edit before submitting, we will still check the manuscript to ensure it is up to standard. We do prefer to edit the manuscripts as this gives a clearer picture of what is required for publication, and follows through the whole process.

When editing is complete, your manuscript goes to our typesetter and cover designer. We work together to create a cover to enhance your book. If you have any thoughts or ideas about cover design, these can be passed along for him to work with. ISBN and Barcode are added at this stage.

Once the typesetting is done, the book is uploaded to the POD printer, a copy is sent to you to be proofed. We also have a copy to check, to ensure that all is in order. When the approval is signed, your book will be enabled for distribution. The printer will then send your book information to their distribution partners in the online bookstores. After your book is published, the ebook comes next.  Your book is now ready for anyone, anywhere to purchase and/or order into book shops.

If you choose to take the eBook option, the same process applies, except that it will of course go to online ebook stores. For the widest coverage of your book, the best option is the combined publishing option of the POD and eBook package.

With Aurora you can choose to have a Manuscript Assessment or your manuscript edited without having to publish. You can also adapt any of the publishing options to suit your needs by removing any elements. This in turn will alter and reduce the cost for that particular option.

We also offer affordable book promotion. The Basic Book Promotion package is include in all Publishing Packages For more details, also see Book Promotion for more information. To help it along, you can also promote yourself in many ways and we have included a number of ideas to get you started.

Aurora House also helps by setting up social media pages, if you don’t already have them. We now also offer Author Websites, created with an easy-to-manage WordPress theme to enable every author to have an internet presence for promoting yourself and your book. It allows you to have contact with your readers and gives you the confidence every author needs.

We look forward to being a part of your exciting book publishing process and welcome all enquiries, non are too small or too big, so please do ask.

Books are exciting – and are here to stay! Their form may change, but words will always be the best way of communicating for a long time to come.

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