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A Guide to Mentally Managing Illness

The greatest wealth is health.
– Virgil

A practical guide that helps you use the power of your mind to manage your health.

Dr Paul Allin draws on his years of experience as a doctor to provide this simple toolkit for those looking to improve their health and become less reliant on medication.

Many of us experience anxiety, depression, stress, obesity, chronic pain, insomnia, and adversity. A Guide to Mentally Managing Illness looks at everyday realities and how best to alter your habits, thinking, and lifestyle to help manage these disorders and improve your quality of life.


Unlike many self-help books, this easy-to-read guide combines practical strategies with sage advice and has clearly set out learning points at the end of each chapter. Relevant quotes from ancient and modern philosophers provide thought-provoking guidance and inspiration throughout.


Dr Paul Allin was born in Zanzibar and spent his childhood in East Africa and then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), where he served in the Rhodesian Army on and off for five years. He qualified as a doctor at the University of Rhodesia, after which he joined the Anglo American Corporation at the Wankie Colliery Hospital before moving to South Africa. Initially working in their trauma hospitals on the gold mines, he rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a regional health service manager with AngloGold.


In 2000, Paul emigrated from South Africa to Australia, where he now works as a general practitioner. He is a clinical associate professor at the University of Wollongong Graduate Medical School with a passion for teaching medical students and registrars. He has had an interest in philosophy and self-improvement since his teenage years. Paul is married to Anneliese. They have two daughters.