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Bits from the Pieces

‘Shattered …’

‘Broken beyond repair …’

Choosing not to believe this and facing the very things that tear you apart …

Georgette Noëllat is a fighter. Her weapons of choice? Love, Hope, and Humour.

During the highs and lows of her extraordinary life, Georgette has found wisdom and solace in her journey to accepting herself for exactly who she is, fighting every day to prove a world wrong that doesn’t accept difference.
From her childhood to recent global events and beyond, this touching memoir tells the true story of a girl battling the heartache of abuse while finding her inner strength, along with the power of love, who turned into a woman proud to show her broken pieces.

Every reader has their own story and strengths, and deserves to enjoy a laugh as well as a tear when turning the pages of another’s life.

As Georgette shares her story with us, she gifts us the valuable lessons of her past and her hopes for the future: ‘We are all broken in life. Some of us are broken into many pieces, but these pieces can be fitted together and glued into place with love and hope so that we look whole, at least from a distance.’


Georgette Noëllat was born in Australia in 1951. She was schooled at Genazzano Convent and educated at the University of Melbourne, where she attained degrees in music and law.

Throughout her life as an author, Georgette’s books have ranged from music education and humorous farming anecdotes to more personal and sensitive topics, revealing her broken childhood and final triumph over despair.
In the words of Georgette, “I would describe my artistic self as belonging to the night. Like the stars, I need the darkness in order to shine. My writing seems always to be prompted by the passing of my beautiful Irish wolfhounds.”

In her earlier work, My Haunting Hounds, Georgette was moved to write about her almost genetic connection to these glorious animals, who continually seemed to come into her life when hope was at its lowest ebb. At each hound’s passing, Georgette’s tears poured out in words until she was once more emptied of her grief.
In this latest book, Bits from the Pieces, it was the tragic passing of Georgette’s wolfhound, Caeltie, which triggered another outpouring of emotions into her unique, stirring way with words.

The inspiration behind her latest work? Georgette explained that as the years pass by, she feels a greater “need to immortalise the lives of people and animals who have fed my hunger for hope and love.”

Nowadays, Georgette and her beloved husband, Jan Fattohi, nurture their land and pets, and in turn are nurtured by them as they move together into the quieter realm of life’s twilight years. Georgette and Jan reside peacefully on a small acreage in South Gippsland with their pets.