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It started with a high school love affair …

Rachel – wooed by a drug lord and married into murder and crime.

Alex – a National Crime Authority agent, locked into a love that can’t be denied.

When Alex returns to mill town Nangwarry, he is devastated to find his first love humiliated, beaten and raped. The sole catalyst in a war on drugs that could change a nation, Alex throws himself into a conflict that threatens a cartel – and events spin disastrously out of control.

Can he rescue Rachel without destroying them both?

As the bruises heal, can Rachel rediscover her identity, self-esteem and courage?

Inspired by real Australian events comes the compelling novel of two people thrown back together to overturn a mafia stronghold. From the heart of political power to the homes and plans of desperate criminals, this is a high-stakes romantic thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

“An absolutely wild ride … brilliantly written” – Amara Motala



Peter Stevens grew up in the lower southeast of South Australia. He worked in forestry and sawmilling, becoming head sawyer and supervisor at Nangwarry Sawmill. He lived in the lawless timber town for several years and endured firsthand the destructive forces of alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual liberty, crime and family violence.

His first three novels, the apocalyptic Haven trilogy, deal with a small group of outcasts who build a new community in the bush, free from many of these societal harms.

In 2006, Peter became involved in political advocacy, leading a national campaign to protect children from violent, hard-core internet pornography. His work is being progressed by the Australian federal government.
This is his first romantic thriller, inspired by real events and his own experiences.

Peter lives in Torquay, Victoria, with his wife Diane. He loves surfing, mountain-bike riding, reading and writing.