As with everything at Aurora House, we believe the author is entitled to know what payments they can expect from book sales, therefore royalty payments are included on the website.

Royalties are an important aspect of publishing your book – every author wants to know the returns on their book and how much they will receive per copy sold. This is covered in our Publishing Agreement to ensure the author is covered and receives any monies owing in an orderly time frame.

The royalties you can enjoy are:

  • 65% of Net Profit on POD
  • 65% of Net Profit on ebooks

The difference is considerable, drastically increasing the returns for the work put into writing the book, while still going through the safety of a professional publisher and receiving the best of both worlds.

We utilise Ingram for our distribution and printing. This ensure the books are quality printed, and ebooks are downloaded correctly, relieving the author of having to worry about those aspects while you still maintain control over your book. We also use Amazon Kindle, which we upload ourselves so that your books also enjoy this facility.