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The Faceless Man Book Review

Riding across the desert, Townsville, The Faceless Man, Broome, Byron Bay, Desert, Isaac Oosterloo, Motorcycles,

Calendar Icon March 29, 2016

Title – The Faceless Man Author – Isaac Oosterloo Publisher – Aurora House Publishing Whether it’s leaning hard into a sharp corner in the east coast hinterland rain forest, or…

FutureQuest review by Satis Shroff

poverty, world government, world peace, corruption,

Calendar Icon March 13, 2014

Review: Future Quest: Building an Awesome World Future (Satis Shroff) Sedlmayer, Albert, Future Quest 2012 Aurora House, Sydney, Australia ISBN 978 0987304032, 488 pages, Paperback Can you write about world…

Facing Demons Reviews

Facing Demons, Marion Brownlie, Energy Healing, New Zealand, Phoenix, Physic ability, South Island,

Calendar Icon November 19, 2013

Facing Demons is fast becoming ‘THE’ book to read. This autobiography by Marion Brownlie shows, rather than tells, her story. The ups and downs, self healing, and becoming spiritual were…

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