Facing Demons Reviews

Facing Demons is fast becoming ‘THE’ book to read. This autobiography by Marion Brownlie shows, rather than tells, her story. The ups and downs, self healing, and becoming spiritual were all part of the journey. Read these reviews, then decide to read the book for yourself…

“This is a very honest, open and brave account of a truly remarkable woman’s experiences both in this physical realm, and in the spiritual plane. In sharing her knowledge and discoveries with us, we can feel empowered to look at our world differently and more clearly. Thank you for revealing your innermost thoughts with such pure altruistic intentions in order that we can help and empower ourselves.”
Take care and thank you.
– Rita S.H. Vinten, M.D., C.C.F.P., F.R.A.C.G.P.

“This book was life changing! Once I started reading it in a coffee shop in Lismore I could not put it down. It is one of the best explanations of the ‘psychic world’ that I have ever read and provided clarity on the many “strange and mysterious” experiences that have happened to me throughout my life. A highly recommended read for everyone, as we navigate the capricious waters of this new millennium.”
– Anne Barry Dip Hom (British Institute of Homeopathy) Homeopath and Healer

“I found ‘Facing Demons’ full of amazing and inspiring revelations which essentially followed Marion’s being true to her intuitive self within belief in the highest good.
It is an incredibly honest account of her life with her physical, emotional and spiritual interconnections and influences encouraging the reader to identify with her struggles and solutions and admit to the power we all know we have.
I know my own awareness shifted while reading this book, leaving me feeling uplifted and empowered to follow my truth”
– Elizabeth Dowling, B.A.(Visual Arts), MMH (Art Therapy) AThR

“In ‘Facing Demons’ we witness Marion’s courage and determination as she faced the many challenges of embarking on a spiritual journey. Honest, raw and often confronting, Marion’s story is sure to inspire and offer hope to many others who are seeking to be authentic in their lives. A powerful story.”
– Therese Duckett, Psychologist, MA