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We are currently accepting manuscript submissions in the following categories:

* Fiction
* Non-fiction
* Self-help/Motivational
* Fantasy
* Spiritual (not religion)
* Adventure
* Mystery/Murder Mystery
* Autobiography
* Young Adult
* Children’s Books


Before submitting your manuscript, please check the guidelines below to ensure you have included all relevant information and have the manuscript in the correct format.

Manuscript submission requires enough detail about yourself and your book for us to review your work for publication. Read the submission inclusions carefully as not sending the full information can delay the appraisal of your manuscript for publishing.



* A cover letter giving details about yourself, your book, and any previous publishing credits

* ALL submissions MUST include a SYNOPSIS of the book – 400 words or less. Not including the synopsis could delay or impede your manuscript submission

* Manuscript must be typewritten in MS Word; we do not accept handwritten manuscripts

* Three sample chapters – the first chapter and two chosen from anywhere in the book. No more than fifty pages in total. INCLUDE Contents Page with all Chapter Titles, if any

* Title Page is to contain your name, address, phone number and TOTAL WORD COUNT of the book

* Manuscript to have your name and title of book in the header on every page

* Page size A4, one-sided with double-line spacing and text in MS Word 12-point font



Do not send the whole manuscript. If we accept your manuscript after reviewing your submission we will contact you. To safeguard your work, please ensure that you keep the original manuscript and send us a copy only.

Please complete the form below, attach your sample pages to submit your manuscript. Submit your manuscript in MS Word only.

Please note: This page is for AUTHORS ONLY and their manuscripts. If you are a business sending selling information, it will  be deleted. For other enquires,  please use the Contact Page.

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All books published in Australia have automatic copyright. Aurora House holds confidentiality in high regard therefore you may be assured your work is in safe hands. We will not allow unauthorised copies of your work to be published. You, the author, have the final say regarding your manuscript, we can only recommend what is best for your book to ensure it is published to the highest possible standard.

Your manuscript may be submitted by email, on disk or hard copy. If submitting by mail, please include a Stamped Self-Addressed Envelope if you would like your manuscript returned to you.

Manuscript Submissions
Aurora House
P.O. Box 2489
NSW 2576

We do recommend an assessment be undertaken to assess the whole manuscript, which will give you a full briefing on the book, covering story flow, characterisation, pace, strengths and weaknesses, what type of edit will be required, and whether any re-writing may be necessary.

If you would like to organise a full assessment of your manuscript, you may go directly to Manuscript Assessment for details on assessment structure, and submit your manuscript directly for an assessment report. The requirements for the assessment are the same as for manuscript submission, except that you send the whole manuscript and not just a sample. There is a small fee for this service.

In most cases, professional editing is required to polish the manuscript and, providing you send us a varied sample, we can assess the level of editing that will be necessary during your review submission. Please read Editing Guidelines for full details of the type of editing your work may require.

We look forward to being able to help you on your path to publishing your book.

Please download Manuscript Submission Form and send with your manuscript if you cannot send it by email.



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