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The Faceless Man Book Review

Title – The Faceless Man Author – Isaac Oosterloo Publisher – Aurora House Publishing Whether it’s leaning hard into a sharp corner in the east coast hinterland rain forest, or the endless lonely desert miles across the top end, Isaac Oosterloo puts the reader in the saddle as you join him and his best mate, Monkey on an epic journey through some of the most beautiful and harsh landscapes Australia…
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Mumma to Be

Hilarious and informative. Mumma to Be is entertaining while helping first time mums with so many tips and tricks and what to expect. Chapter 1 excerpt The nosy truth Your nose often begins to have a new lease on life. You can actually begin to smell things you never even knew had a scent; the whole world smells like a different place, like a shitty place really. Grocery shopping never…
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Flames of Rebellion

Review by Caitriona Nienaber I really enjoyed reviewing your manuscript Flames of Rebellion. Apart from learning quite a lot I found it to be quite gripping. The manuscript flowed really well. Your dialogue (in keeping with the era) was first-class and really fleshed out your characters. You created such endearing and believable characters amongst the miners and really portrayed their daily life convincingly. Even though the subject matter was at…
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Wheels of Mizfortunate

A Rude Awakening As I opened my eyes I was dazed. Somehow I knew this was a hospital room and I was lying on a narrow hospital bed, unable to move. When I saw the nurse enter my room patting her hair and looking around, I remembered why she was curious; it was in my long-term memory. I guessed she was primping in case I had visitors. She knew I…
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Tin Baths, Tallymen & Time Travel

Pocket money in the early 1950s was one of life’s unaccustomed little luxuries that parents liked to give their children. My hardworking mother and father were no exception, always managing to treat my brothers and I to one shilling each per week, although sometimes a little less if money was scarcer than usual; this was equivalent to twelve pennies before decimalisation. We endeavoured to find any part-time odd jobs available to boost our weekly allowance. I remember my younger…
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Flames of Rebellion excerpts

Chapter 1 On the Bullock Track Around mid-morning the next day Tom led the team through a heavily timbered section of the track. Patrick was walking alongside the dray absentmindedly filling his pipe with tobacco. He was concentrating on pushing the leaves in with just the right pressure, so he didn’t immediately  notice when Tom started pulling the team to a halt. When he looked up, he saw four men file out…
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Flames of Rebellion BOOK LAUNCH!

Flames of Rebellion by new Australian author Warwick O’Neill will be officially launched at REaD Cafe, Paradise Resort, Gold Coast, Qld on Saturday 9th April at 6.30pm ALL ARE WELCOME Meet and talk with the author. Find out how he researched his book.    On his release from gaol, all Patrick Flanagan wanted was a good woman, a family and a peaceful life. Then he heard the call that reverberated…
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