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glen’s Interview on North Coast Positive

glen sat down with Nyck Jeanes on North Coast Positive for an interview about his debut novel The Spirit of Love: a collection of short writings, poems and phrases written by a man who took himself into some of the darkest and most destructive depths one can go with drug and alcohol addictions. The collection of writings contained within The Spirit of Love is a reflection of one man’s healing journey…
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Mark Eyles Lands an Interview with the Tasmanian Times

Mark Eyles, sat down with the Tasmanian Times to talk about his debut novel Mary’s Ireland: the battles of the Crimea and the streets of Belfast veil the simple life of young barmaid Mary Cannon. A Polish sailor, who lives in the shadow of Russian wars and religious conflict, enters her Shamrock Hotel. Mary feels his jade black eyes seeing right through her to the very white of her skin. He pierces her…
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