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Flames of Rebellion

Review by Caitriona Nienaber

I really enjoyed reviewing your manuscript Flames of Rebellion. Apart from learning quite a lot I found it to be quite gripping.

The manuscript flowed really well. Your dialogue (in keeping with the era) was first-class and really fleshed out your characters. You created such endearing and believable characters amongst the miners and really portrayed their daily life convincingly. Even though the subject matter was at times confronting and gritty,your use of humour was ever-present and gave a sense of balance.

Most of the changes I made were to do with capitalisation and use of hyphens as well as keeping consistency throughout the text.

I loved the epilogue with Patrick speaking at Fergus’ graveside. This is a really great technique for educating the reader about subsequent events in a novel way, as well as being very touching.

I hope you are happy with the changes.


Caitriona Nienaber

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