We have chosen a few extracts from our books for you. The extracts are changed and updated periodically, so please come back again when you finished reading. Sit back and enjoy!

Lost in Time: Roman Threat/Third Reich Rises

Excerpt 1 I took position on high ground and waited. Now, the time of tense inactivity followed. Hours before the expected arrival of the Romans, all men were in place. It was necessary. After hours of quiet and inaction, nature, startled by the concentration of such noise and activity of people from the last few days, began to recover. Birds’ chirping, looking for food, floated on the autumn air. Curious,…
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Mumma to Be

Hilarious and informative. Mumma to Be is entertaining while helping first time mums with so many tips and tricks and what to expect. Chapter 1 excerpt The nosy truth Your nose often begins to have a new lease on life. You can actually begin to smell things you never even knew had a scent; the whole world smells like a different place, like a shitty place really. Grocery shopping never…
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Wheels of Mizfortunate

A Rude Awakening As I opened my eyes I was dazed. Somehow I knew this was a hospital room and I was lying on a narrow hospital bed, unable to move. When I saw the nurse enter my room patting her hair and looking around, I remembered why she was curious; it was in my long-term memory. I guessed she was primping in case I had visitors. She knew I…
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Tin Baths, Tallymen & Time Travel

Pocket money in the early 1950s was one of life’s unaccustomed little luxuries that parents liked to give their children. My hardworking mother and father were no exception, always managing to treat my brothers and I to one shilling each per week, although sometimes a little less if money was scarcer than usual; this was equivalent to twelve pennies before decimalisation. We endeavoured to find any part-time odd jobs available to boost our weekly allowance. I remember my younger…
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Flames of Rebellion excerpts

Chapter 1 On the Bullock Track Around mid-morning the next day Tom led the team through a heavily timbered section of the track. Patrick was walking alongside the dray absentmindedly filling his pipe with tobacco. He was concentrating on pushing the leaves in with just the right pressure, so he didn’t immediately  notice when Tom started pulling the team to a halt. When he looked up, he saw four men file out…
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PROLOGUE The young boy’s eyes fluttered open and focused on the tent flap swaying gently in the early morning breeze. The aroma of sausage fat on burnt coals and blackened marshmallows still pervaded the air from last night’s meal. He looked over at his dad still asleep in his sleeping bag. These were the best times ever. Each year, for his birthday, Jonathon Smith and his father, David, would go…
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The Idealist

Chapter 1 The street echoed with the sound of running feet — running. The young man stopped and gradually the echoes faded away. He was completely out of breath, his heartbeat pounded in his ears. When his breath came back, he swore. His quarry had escaped into the night. José Antonio walked back to where his car stood, its wind- screen shattered, front tyres flattened, all the result of a…
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