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Talon, Encounter - Australia, Condor, Gigi Sedlmayer, Peru, Poachers,

Talon, Encounter

Condor, Poachers, Australia, Gigi Sedlmayer, Peru,

Calendar Icon March 29, 2016

  Chapter 27 excerpt Talon turned once more and flew directly at Pete and Zed, without Matica telling him where to fly or what to do. It was all Talon’s doing. He was the one mocking the poachers and teasing them. He had a lot of fun doing that. Matica was…

Wheels of Mizfortunate

car accident,

Calendar Icon March 29, 2016

A Rude Awakening As I opened my eyes I was dazed. Somehow I knew this was a hospital room and I was lying on a narrow hospital bed, unable to move. When I saw the nurse enter my room patting her hair and looking around, I remembered why she was…

Flames of Rebellion excerpts

Flames of Rebellion excerpts

flames of rebellion, licencing rebellion, Peter Laylor, Warwick O'neill, Ballarat goldmining, Eureka stockade,

Calendar Icon March 29, 2016

Chapter 1 On the Bullock Track Around mid-morning the next day Tom led the team through a heavily timbered section of the track. Patrick was walking alongside the dray absentmindedly filling his pipe with tobacco. He was concentrating on pushing the leaves in with just the right pressure, so he didn’t…


Calendar Icon November 08, 2013

PROLOGUE The young boy’s eyes fluttered open and focused on the tent flap swaying gently in the early morning breeze. The aroma of sausage fat on burnt coals and blackened marshmallows still pervaded the air from last night’s meal. He looked over at his dad still asleep in his sleeping…

Facing Demons

spiritual, self help, single parenting,

Calendar Icon November 07, 2013

After my experience with the Divine Energy in the orchard I began to look to the future again, but now it was a different and full of light with new awareness and understanding. I told no one about what had happened to me, they would have thought that I’d gone crazy.

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