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Project Thirteen

“Dispose of the body and find a new one. Project Thirteen begins immediately.”

A dozen failures. A search for a new body. On faraway planet Nordelta, paranoid despot Rashmir Fendel commissions scientist after scientist to create the perfect weapon. Imbued with a mysterious substance, these projects fail time and time again until Ignatius Dragomirov creates Project Thirteen.

When peacekeeping organisation the Byzantium Order catches wind of this experiment, they pounce, only to lose their quarry on planet Earth. While Project Thirteen remains stranded, she must adapt to survive this new environment. Camouflage. Patience. Vulnerability. All things she must become accustomed to in her first few dangerous days of life.

But how does one defeat perfection?



Liam Higham is an Australian author who has not won any awards and is certainly not a bestseller. He has self-published a title called Hoboman, if anyone is interested, as well as a short story, Drop Dead Gorgeous, published by Spineless Wonders.

Liam is not the father of any children, but some of his friends are and that is quite enough.

He has a degree in psychology and likes to think that better suits him to understanding deep aspects of the human condition—it doesn’t.
You need to socialise to learn that.