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The Lonely Street Laundromat

In this introspective collection of poems, Wade explores the intricacies of the human experience and invites the reader to take a journey into the depths of the human heart and emerge transformed.

Through haunting imagery and evocative language, with themes of grief, self-discovery and resilience woven throughout, Wade bares his soul on each page. Each raw and honest verse reminds us of the beauty and fragility of life, and the power of the written word to heal and inspire
A testament to the human spirit’s enduring capacity for strength and beauty in the face of life’s challenges, Wade’s unique voice and masterful command of language make this a collection not to be missed.



I see what others can’t or choose not to.

I grew up feeling as though no one would ever know me and now, nearing 30, I realise I was right. I am a candle that flickers in the forest without observation, who’s to say I’m there.

This anthology chronicles an ascent that was ultimately lifesaving. Without the observations, influence and ether that I’ve described across these few pages I would surely be dead. The privilege of life, while puzzlingly painful, is one that I’m not quite ready to rid myself of. To those who seek solace here I ask that you turn your gaze within, the glory and awe you seek is upon your lips with each breath.

Thank you for reading my book.