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Happy or a Philosopher

This is the story of Vefa, a young girl raised by her grandmother in Baku, Azerbaijan.

As Vefa grows into maturity a whirlwind love affair with the enigmatic Tale sees her caught up in a life of crime, for which she pays a high price.

Happy or a Philosopher is an eye-opening and inspiring story of courage and redemption, and a heart-wrenching reminder to never give up on your dreams.

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 Sadar Nasir

I began to write this novel – in the most difficult period of my life – in the autumn of 2014. The feelings I experienced were the spiritual shake, hope and an unbreakable trust for the future. Time tells that man is strong with his (her) faith. Today, if we have faith without having anything, tomorrow we may have something with the faith.

But, the ability and faith of the author is not enough in the existence of each novel, to convey to people. I am grateful to my eighty-one year old mother, to my daughter Muzhgan, for being my first reader, who promoted me, who gave me hope and confidence in every respect.