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Deeply With The Sun In Our Eyes

As the Japanese assault on Malaya begins, naivety and misadventure send Australian marine engineer, Richard into the care of English doctor, Greda and her philandering planter husband, Edward.

In a maelstrom of events, the lives of Richard, Greda, Edward, the malicious Captain Heenan and enigmatic Chinese refugee Eva—consort to all three men—become desolately entwined. With the island under siege, amidst the illusion of resistance by the Empire’s defenders, Richard and Greda confront a wretched paradigm amongst the frenetic crush to board the last ship casting off from the doomed colony.

Deeply With The Sun In Our Eyes is a gripping literary thriller, combining an intriguing labyrinth of contours and charismatic people. Destiny and abiding love are enmeshed with a tumult of treachery and honour in the shadow of the fall of Singapore, the greatest catastrophe of World War II.

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Tony Smith

Upon completion of a four-year apprenticeship, Tony Smith went to sea setting a course to become a marine engineer.

His studies were interrupted when a serious collision in Vancouver Harbour almost cut the ship on which he was serving as third engineer in half. Miraculously, the vessel stayed afloat.

Experience as a witness in the ensuing court proceedings fired an interest in the law. From that point onward, he was determined to become a barrister.

Graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Laws, he was admitted to the Bar in 1982 and a successful legal practice followed.

Life-threatening heart disease was discovered in 2013, and after major surgery, he ceased practising law.

Two years later, he took up writing in earnest.

Tony lives in Brisbane.