Star is Hungry – Marion Brownlie

Star is Hungry is the second book in the series Feelings of Star.

Star visit the farm and learns about the animals. He also visits the garden and learns where vegetables come from.

The Feelings of Star series has been created to help children understand their feelings and emotions, and to learn they can love and be loved.



Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Star is Hungry: Book 2 Feelings of Star series by Marion Brownlie is a charming storybook for kids that will not only help them connect with their own feelings, but also encourage them to eat healthy food that is good for nourishing their body and mind. Star is hungry and sees a pear on the tree. Star sees other children and thinks it is right to share the pear with them too. Star loves to have bread, honey from the honeybee, and fresh vegetables, but is not too keen on having a worm. Star will have good food for breakfast, lunch, and tea, and become healthier.

The story is adorable and will inculcate healthy eating habits. The illustrations are colorful and lively, and they give life to the story and the scenes. It’s a good bedtime storybook for parents and grandparents to read out to their kids and grandkids. The book can also be used for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries. Children are introduced to healthy eating habits and also the habit of sharing with others.

Books make it easy for young readers to understand a concept and a message when expressed with the help of beautiful pictures and a story. The character of Star is lovable and memorable, and kids can connect well with what Star is trying to convey through the story. They are also encouraged to understand their feelings better and love others.

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