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Otto the Otter’s Muddy Puddle

Otto the Otter is in trouble.
His pond is a mess and a muddle
from the trash of tourists
who are less than subtle.
To save his home he needs some muscle.
Can Otto rescue his friends
and together clean up this muddy puddle?


Chez Rafter

Chez Rafter

Chez was born in Sydney, Australia.

At the tiny age of two, Chez contracted whooping cough and polio, and lived the majority of her childhood in Camperdown Children’s Hospital in Sydney.

While confined to bed, she would look up at the clouds and imagine travelling to faraway places. When Chez was old enough to read books, they led her on a different pilgrimage, with classics like Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins taking her mind to a magical world, which she believed helped her recovery. Her recuperation has always been synonymous with her hunger to write.

Adversity teaches you many things and with sheer grit and determination, Chez has always remained positive. Life’s setbacks have been her stimulus to continually succeed and achieve.

Chez has a daughter and son, and four gorgeous grandchildren, who have motivated her desire to write children’s books. In this way and many others, she shares in the enjoyment of their childhood journey, encourages their growth and takes pleasure feeding the fruits of their curiosity.

She hopes that they and other children will enjoy reading her stories as much as she enjoys writing them.

Currently, Chez lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. She is working on a series of books to educate young children about the dangers litter has to our animals and environment.

These books bring a message of positive learning through misadventure and the playful characters that save the day.