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When Moo Met Floral

Moo the cow is happy living on her farm
One day, Floral the bunny shows up and ruins everything
But when each of them needs help,
The other is there,
And they become good friends

Beautifully illustrated by Natalie.


Monica Wyant

Reviewed in the United States on December 31, 2021

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Natalie Condello, author of When Moo met Floral, has always been a kid at heart. Born in Sydney, she grew up and worked around animals, owning a successful pet shop and a horse equestrian business with her husband.

After the birth of her daughter, Isabella, Natalie’s inner child was awakened. She spent hours role-playing with Isabella and her plush toys, which gave her the inspiration for this story.

Natalie believes you should never lose your inner child, and you should always have fun, create, and let your imagination run wild.