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For Immediate Release

MARION BROWNLIE FACES DEMONS Sydney 21 November 2013. Aurora House is proud to announce the release of Facing Demons, by inspirational author and renowned intuitive healer Marion Brownlie. “In ‘Facing Demons’ we witness Marion’s courage and determination as she faced the many challenges of embarking on a spiritual journey. Honest, raw and often confronting, Marion’s story is sure to inspire and offer hope to many others who are seeking to…
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Albert Sedlmayer – FutureQuest

In January 2009 I started writing FutureQuest, and late 2011 got this 130,000-word non-fiction manuscript to a stage ready to present to a publisher. In researching publishers it quickly became apparent that large publishers were overwhelmed with submissions, apparently preferring low-risk manuscripts from previously-published authors. I saw that they seem to have set publishing programmes that could never do justice to a work like FutureQuest, which engages in world events…
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Plotting your Novel

7 WAYS TO PLOT YOUR NOVEL – While you may feel like outlining or plotting your novel is to reduce an artistic creation to a parochial method of organization, you shouldn’t. Plotting your ideas can help you brainstorm and prepare your novel before you take it in to the book binding services that will immortalize it. So read on and learn about how to make your book the best it…
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Build your Author Platform

BUILD YOUR EXPERT AUTHOR PLATFORM – A platform encompasses the ways you are visible and attracting potential readers. It conveys your expertise and influence. And if you’re pursuing a traditional publishing deal, literary agents and publishers expect nonfiction writers to have established platforms. (It’s difficult, if not impossible, to land a book deal or acquire an agent without one.) Every author’s platform strategy will be unique to him or her….
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Facing Demons Reviews

Facing Demons is fast becoming ‘THE’ book to read. This autobiography by Marion Brownlie shows, rather than tells, her story. The ups and downs, self healing, and becoming spiritual were all part of the journey. Read these reviews, then decide to read the book for yourself… “This is a very honest, open and brave account of a truly remarkable woman’s experiences both in this physical realm, and in the spiritual…
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PROLOGUE The young boy’s eyes fluttered open and focused on the tent flap swaying gently in the early morning breeze. The aroma of sausage fat on burnt coals and blackened marshmallows still pervaded the air from last night’s meal. He looked over at his dad still asleep in his sleeping bag. These were the best times ever. Each year, for his birthday, Jonathon Smith and his father, David, would go…
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The Idealist

Chapter 1 The street echoed with the sound of running feet — running. The young man stopped and gradually the echoes faded away. He was completely out of breath, his heartbeat pounded in his ears. When his breath came back, he swore. His quarry had escaped into the night. José Antonio walked back to where his car stood, its wind- screen shattered, front tyres flattened, all the result of a…
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