Screen Resolution

A must-read for parents and carers

Brett Lee has spent thousands of hours as an Internet detective pretending to be a teenager online to hunt down and prosecute child sex offenders.

In Screen Resolution, Brett describes his experiences in real and powerful terms, profiling predator behaviours and exposing their sinister intentions.

Often confronting and at times disturbing, Brett’s account will help you discern the truth behind the screen and what you can to do to protect your families online.

Through reading this book, every family can achieve a safe and productive online environment.

Through using case studies and analysis, Brett and David take us into the world that, thankfully, many of us do not know, namely, that of the internet sexual predator. The authors seek to develop our knowledge of the predator who, for the most part, is unseen and unknown, and the predator whose background, skills, and qualifications are varied and not stereotyped, and whose predilections are complex and confused. The tools of trade of these predators involve one of the greatest information boons of our time, namely, the internet. It is a wonderful tool that educates, informs, and provides almost limitless  nsights into things historic and contemporary, and allows us to peek into the future. Whilst it provides immediate access into a rich array of information, like many things in life, it provides an avenue for those who would misuse this technology to engage in inappropriate conduct and behaviour. Indeed, the use of the internet for sexual misconduct or gratification is but one example of its misuse.

NSW Commissioner of Police (Retired)

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