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Screen Resolution

A must-read for parents and carers


Brett Lee has spent thousands of hours as an Internet detective pretending to be a teenager online to hunt down and prosecute child sex offenders.

In Screen Resolution, Brett describes his experiences in real and powerful terms, profiling predator behaviours and exposing their sinister intentions.

Often confronting and at times disturbing, Brett’s account will help you discern the truth behind the screen and what you can to do to protect your families online.

Through reading this book, every family can achieve a safe and productive online environment.


5 Star Readers Favourite Review – Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan

The book is disturbing as it reveals the dark side of internet as it grows and provides exciting educational and communication opportunities for young people. The author’s firsthand account of what children and young people encounter without their parents knowing speaks about the importance of educating children to identify these dangers and avoid them. The tips shared in the book are useful and helpful to make them understand that cyber bullying is a criminal offence.

The author handles the topic with an authoritative voice and gives steps to minimize the impacts of bullying and helps to educate children to put strategies in place so that the risk of negative outcomes can be reduced. The core messages in the book can be practiced and achieved by all those who have children at home, so that they can make the internet a safer playground.




Brett Lee
A former undercover internet detective and police officer of twenty-two years, Brett is passionate about informing parents of the online risks to their children. Brett came face to face with computer predators and learnt their ploys while pretending to be a young person online. In these cyber playgrounds of the world’s teenagers and children, he found predators preying on the vulnerable. Invariably, their targets were children and young people without adult supervision.
‘I had a unique opportunity to see these offenders through the eyes of a child and combat them with the mind of an adult,’ Brett, a father of four, says.
Brett’s involvement led to the arrest of scores of alleged offenders over a five-year period. He also took part in early collaborative ties between Australian and United States (US) law enforcement agencies battling this online epidemic.
Brett subsequently founded training company INESS (Internet Education and Safety Services), which has now evolved into a speaking, face to face, and online training and resource business, Internet Safe Education. (


David Morris
David and Brett were boyhood friends who reconnected after thirty years of pursuing their own careers — David as a journalist, with publications
including the Melbourne Herald-Sun, Burnie Advocate, and Queensland Times, and as a communications consultant to the government and corporate sector. Also a father of four, David identifies with Brett’s vision to make the internet a safe playground. This book is the synergy of two friends.