The Fourth Kind of Time

As a multinational pharmaceutical company tries to block the pain-relief research of medical scientist Campbell Fletcher, he must enlist his friends to help resist their powerful corporate resources, and growing violent pressure.

Never before had Dr Anna Rischelli believed her past involvement with Melbourne’s organised crime would have any relation to subatomic physics.

Drawing on expertise in law, literature, science and history, the friends must solve a fifty year old legal mystery, thwart a billion dollar company, and save themselves in order to relieve the pain of millions in need.


Tim Neilson

This book has emerged from the author’s immersion, over many years, in the history behind many of the places described in it, and his interest in some of the activities in which the book’s characters are engaged.

Tim Neilson’s connections with Cambridge University have been only social and sporting, and infrequent, but they do extend over a long period of time. He was a student at Geelong College when Conrad’s bell was hanging in the quadrangle, its true identity still unknown. He was resident at Ormond College some years after the elderly Sir McFarland Burnet had moved out, and studied at University College London before the Francis Crick Institute was built but when Crick was already a revered alumnus.

He has been enthralled by history since he was a small child. His accomplishments in science and in intellectual property law were never more than slight, but in the course of his day job as a taxation lawyer and from a number of his friends he has learned something of the fascination of those disciplines.