The Lighthouse Kid

“The Lighthouse Kid” is a captivating memoir by author Rhondda, recounting her extraordinary childhood growing up in a lighthouse in New Zealand.

Living in a lighthouse is exciting and different – imagine living such a special childhood. One filled with wonder and a carefree nature that was as infectious as it was wild.

Rhondda lived such a childhood. She loved the freedom it gave but ultimately, she loved her family.

Living in lighthouses up and down the coast of New Zealand was not without its challenges. Her hard-working parents made it so that every child in their family was loved and well cared for. What more could a child ask for?

Moving to Australia didn’t make the dreams of childhood go away, and the longing for the sea and its beauty is something that will live on forever. Rhondda was and always will be a Lighthouse Kid.


Rhondda Kemp-Mottau

Living on Coastal Lighthouses. In 1969 Rhondda came to Australia and has enjoyed living in many different Australian States.

Mother of four grown adults, her hobbies include landscapeing, gardening, growing fruit and veggies. Jigsaws, reading, music and keeping fit and healthy are also among her favourites.

Rhondda lives in Angaston, in the Barossa Valley, South Australia, with her Cavoodle ‘Ruby’ and crimson bellied conure parrot ‘Banjo’.