Enough of the Spam!

Its a worry. Spam seems to invade and infiltrate everything, including WordPress. Once one gets a blog up and going, in come the bots and away they go – merrily running along, creating havoc and a lot of hard work to be rid of the rubbish they spew out. Makes you wonder if these people have anything better to do than create problems for others. It appears not. I have found a way around the problem for the time being by using WordPress En Spam. Lets hope it does the trick, or I will have to resort to using a captcha and those can be a little tedious for people who would like to make comments.

Now you can feel free to comment away without the possibility of being mistaken for spam.

I was checking through my stats recently and came across some of the keywords used – Self Publishing being one of them. That’s fine. Then I saw – aurora house publishing editing scam – WHOA! Where did that word come from?

Now I don’t have any problem with the actual word, but when its on my stats I do!  So, before we go any further, and to make things pointedly clear – although Aurora House is new on the block, it is a bona-fide publishing house. I created Aurora because of my love of books and to help authors who normally would have no chance of their work being published, let alone read worldwide, to get their books out to readers everywhere.

Enough of the nasty stuff, now its time to turn to nicer things – books. Think I might start a new blog for that…

And while I have you – Happy New Year! I do hope this year goes well for you and you achieve what you set out to achieve.

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