Many new authors turn themselves inside out trying to work out ‘how’ to have their story flow, write about each character in their turn and how to bring them into the story, kill them off, or keep them all going at the same time. Sometimes, a story can loose its way and the author has to bring it back on track, or not notice anything wrong if they become so embroiled in the drama of events taking place in the story.

Creative writing teacher Mary Caroll Moore is an accomplished author of eleven published books. She has created a video on how to ‘storyboard’ your novel. Mary’s books range from Romance to health, lifestyle to creative writing. Mary makes writing look easy, as though it just flows from beginning to end. But, there is a secret. That secret she shares with the world on her video.

The secret? Storyboarding. This technique teaches all prospective authors how to create and set out their storyline so it flows. Mary instructs how to start your book, and progresses through the events, breaking it down into sections for easy assimilation.

Many famous authors had to start somewhere – with the planning. Planning your novel is the most important aspect of writing a book for if the story is out of sequence, it makes the book impossible to read and all your hard work a waste of time.

Take time to watch Mary’s video, it could mean the difference between being accepted by a publisher, or not.

Mary’s website marycarollmoore has details of her published books, coaching and writing classes.

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