Spirit of Water

The Finding Spirit series helps children to understand and appreciate their own spirit and that of all things, ncluding nature. It will guide them through many challenges during childhood and lay a foundation for later years.
Beautifully illustrated, the gentle guidance of ‘Spirit of Water’ can help children appreciate the essence of water.

Book Review
Reviewed by Hilary Hawkes for Readers’ Favorite

Spirit of Water, Finding Spirit by Marion Brownlie is a special and beautifully created story for children that enables them to discover their connection with nature and life’s energy. A little girl sits beside a stream, gently touching the water, and she wonders what it would be like if the stream could think, feel, speak. And then suddenly, a “misty rainbow being” or the spirit or energy of the water begins talking to her and explaining what its purpose is. The story takes us on an adventure, seeing things the way the water does, and we learn that its purpose is to be there for all beings, to be in all things in a continuous and natural life cycle.

Marion Brownlie’s gentle, inspiring, and well-written story shows children how all things in life are interconnected, and that all living beings and all things in nature have a dependency and effect on one another. The life cycle and importance of water are presented in a thought provoking and imaginative way. Young readers are encouraged to use their imaginations and access their inner essence or spirit to connect with the special and gentle message in this story. I think there are some lovely life lesson parallels too: the water moves around rocks and anything in its way. It offers something to all – humans also experience obstacles, but life always takes us forward, like the water “always on a journey.” The water never worries about where life takes it, and trusts that it will go where it is meant to go. Beautiful color illustrations accompany the text and add to the magical, ethereal atmosphere. Spirit of Water is a story that can inspire, nurture, and encourage, and makes a special addition to any child’s home or class library. Recommended.

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