A Spell for an Eye

Sarah Clewer

If you were fated to become a ‘Saviour’ to a planet and chosen by a meteor programmed to find help, what would you do? 

At only four years old, Celeste Teal and her best friend, Miranda, were struck by a meteor. Both girls developed mysterious powers after the accident, with Celeste gaining ice powers, and Miranda the ability to control water. Five years later, Celeste’s parents die and she is torn away from Miranda and forced to attend a strict boarding school in Antarctica. Over the years, her powers advance, and she is eventually reunited with Miranda. They both soon discover a third victim of the meteor strike – Vanessa, a girl with the ability to wield fire. 

After an attack with an old enemy in the caves of Antarctica, the trio discover an ancient written legend composed and kept in the archives of six planets within the solar system. As well as attempting to learn their place in the legend, they must gain each other’s trust in order to combine their powers to defeat foes and win over the evil that has taken Antarctica and threatens the world. During this journey, Celeste meets a mysterious admirer who appears to know everything about her, including her parents’ deaths. Is he a friend, or is he after something? 

And why does he always disappear before Celeste can talk to him…



Sarah A Clewer was born in 2001 in Bankstown, New South Wales and moved to Narre Warren, Victoria the following

Sarah Clewer

Sarah Clewer

year. In 2010, her family moved to Melton, where she currently resides.

She started writing in 2008, and her teachers have helped to support her as her writing gets better. She has won three school writing competitions for various entries, two of which were very real and dealt with possible mental health issues in readers.

Sarah enjoys reading fantasy and sci-fi novels and writing in any genre. She currently tries to write narratives in the present tense from first person perspective. She loves expanding her vocabulary, reading anything she can and finding new words to use.

Being part of a mixed culture family, she loves to learn new things about culture, and studies Indonesian outside of her school environment. Having recently celebrated a birthday, she is achieving her dream of being a published author before she’s twenty.