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Uluru and the Star People


By combining science, philosophy, interviews, and guidance by Alcheringa and other Star People, Barrow gives readers one of the most comprehensive histories of the Star People ever published. Very highly recommended. ~ Asher Syed



The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.
– Nikola Tesla.


We have experienced Star Wars on our Planet. ULURU is a result of a star war that came to planet Earth 65 million years ago. It was part of a Mission. It is not fiction.


The monolith Uluru came as a fiery ball. It had been ‘charged’ by the star people, giving it extra strength, so it would not break when it landed. Other large rocks, as bombs, were strategically sent around the planet earth so that the planet’s atmosphere and earth, could catastrophically change around the planet and gradually be restored. It was the end of the era of giants and Dinosaurs upon this earth.


The big secret is everything is CONSCIOUSNESS…and it is all ONE.


Alcheringa, an ancient spirit ancestor, tells us he has resided on this Earth from its creation. He now wants to let us know about the Star People and how they were appointed to restore this beautiful earth to its original creation as the Garden of Eden.




Valerie Barrow

Valerie’s life changed dramatically when she nearly died and came back to the living. Or that is what she thought at first – only to find that she had the ability to speak with Others from unseen worlds.


When on a visit to an Ashram in India she was blessed with an interview with an Avatar who she found she could communicate with telepathically, even though she was sitting immediately in front of him.


He personally blessed a manuscript she had written where she was prompted to write from a different consciousness, which helped her to gain insight about the evolution of the Earth and humans while she was holding a sacred stone that belonged to the Australian Indigenous people.


Over the past 35 years she has been taught many things telepathically – including basic subjects like chemistry, biology and ancient history and learning to love oneself.


She has remained a very normal, lovely human, empathetic, intelligent, common sense, gentle lady, wife, mother and grandmother; caring about people. At aged 86years she wonders if she could impart, in some way the feeling of Universal Love that she feels and knows is within us all if only we could understand that we have an unlimited consciousness available to us that we can tap into.

There are worlds, upon worlds upon worlds.


The Earth and human lives are not what they seem. Have you thought about why you are here, where you came from and how to deal with life’s challenges?


Life on Earth can be magic if we make the right choices.


Valerie’s web site has much more information on Uluru and the Star People, plus and her other two books, Starlady and Alchinga, plus many spiritual topics and channelings


Valerie passed away in June 2022 after publishing her book Uluru and the Star People, but her legend lives on, in her work and her spirit…