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The Gift of a Stolen Youth

After a happy childhood, growing up and attending school in Croatia and Australia, everything changed for high school student Tihana Babic in 2003 when, after four years of mysterious symptoms, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Since then, her battles with her health have dominated her life, and she has overcome many hurdles with the help of her family, therapists and doctors. Along the way, she discovered natural medicine and other helpful remedies, which inspired her to change her lifestyle and to adopt a more natural diet and to cut out processed foods and chemicals.

Tihana is now cancer free but still faces many challenges as a result of her illness. In The Gift of a Stolen Youth, she shares her journey in the hope that it will inspire others.


Tihana Babic was born in Osijek, Croatia in 1984. Life was going smoothly until the age of eighteen when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour – cancer. This unfortunate event drastically changed and stigmatised her life, but some positive outcomes followed.

A year later, she enrolled in university. That proved to be a very smart move, because it not only provided knowledge, it released Tihana from the dreadful health cycle she was in and gave her a vision of a new, better future.

Sadly, six years later, she had a recurrence of the brain cancer, and her hopes and dreams were once again shattered. This time around, her stance on life turned to a positive and healthy approach.

From being faced with death twice, Tihana written this book to assure people that fighting and a positive approach is a winning combination.