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Just Say Know – The Inconvenient Truth About Drugs * Part 1

The topic of drugs is almost unrivaled when it comes to generating controversy. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to sort fact from fiction, to talk to our children, and understand why drugs exist in society the way they do today.

Just Say Know covers everything you need to know about drugs, including the checkered history of many drugs, why we choose to ban some yet promote others, and the challenges that society face if we want to have a more pragmatic approach in reducing harm. Part one of Just Say Know looks at all of the areas we have gone wrong, where we continue to go wrong, and why.

Part two covers what we can do as a society to dig ourselves out of this hole. This book provides parents with what they need to tell their children, teachers and lecturers with what they need to tell their students, and what society needs to tell themselves as well who they elect.


Tom Reynolds is the founder of Independent Drug Education Australia (IDEA). He has undergraduate as well as postgraduate health-related qualifications (Bachelor of Health & Master of Public Health) and has worked in drug rehabilitation.

In his role in IDEA, he runs drug education sessions with school communities across Australia, where he
provides high quality information to teachers and parents, as well as helping young people to develop the skills they need to protect themselves and their friends in all drug-related situations.

Tom lives in Sydney with his wife, Sarah, and cocker spaniel, Bentley.