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The world needs a new beginning for all. It needs a fresh hope to realize there is a spiritual awakening that can kick-start a revolution within our minds. Life has a metaphysical aspect to it that requires a belief. This book will start your life mission that never stops. It will give hope and encouragement to live the life you are meant to live. Read on with an open mind. Live life with a purpose. Awareness never ends.


Elizabeth Howard is a writer and teacher. She has always been a seeker searching for how to live. The problem has always been to find someone who could answer questions simply and in an easy to follow way. All the literature in this area seemed to be complicated and open to interpretation. 

Then she realized God hadn’t stopped speaking to us and that anyone could be used as a messenger. Hence the channels opened and the message was delivered in her first book “An Easy Handbook for Life”. Further help for living will come through her second book “Faith Finders”.