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Better Angel

5 Star Readers Favourite AWARD

Jessie loves her son, cares for him, suffers when she feels he’s on the wrong path. And Sana, the gorgeous barrister, what does she have to do to be more than a friend? Finn Duffy is taking time to wake up. All he’s interested in is court work, fronting for the crims and rogues of Newtown, neglecting the rest of his practice, and letting off steam in the local pub.

Mallard, new hotshot businessman in town, sucks him into a dodgy dealing. Friends and local bag-lady Ruby try to warn him, but Finn thinks this the shot in the arm he needs.

Things turn nasty.

Eliza Donnithorne may be buried in St James churchyard, but what else? Does it take a punk with a bomb to get someone to notice? Everyone agrees Finn needs a jolt to wake him up to the realities of life. Can being bashed in a pub do the job?


Michael Green QC is a retired Catholic priest, a retired criminal barrister, a fortunate husband (non-retired), a devoted father and grandfather, a passionate traveller and a hopeless golfer.

He has written two self-help books and three novels. Resident of Newtown, an inner-city Sydney suburb, he is a keen reader, and is an organiser of Newtown Literary Lunch, a monthly celebration of books, food and wine.