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In the country town of Alumuna Creek, things are about to turn deadly.

Samuel Levi, a young man molded into a life of crime, is left to die in the harsh Australian outback after a botched drug deal.

The deal has made the situation spiral out of control. With the body count mounting, and tensions rising in the region, Sam fights for his life, and reflects on his own past and the town.

To save himself, and those he holds dear, Sam must find a way back home. But first he needs to escape from the harsh realities of the outback, and avoid those hunting him down…

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Jesse Hyland was born in Paddington and raised in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

He attended Western Sydney University and studied a Bachelor of Communication (majoring in Journalism and sub-majoring in Media Arts Production).

He has worked in the media industry and is currently a News Producer.

Jesse’s other interests include acting and screenwriting. His 2017 short film “The Number’s Claim” premiered in Sydney and is currently on Amazon Prime and Ozflix.