Wheels of Mizfortunate

On her way home that night disaster struck. Linda’s car slid on gravel – right into the path of a backhoe with its shovel sticking out sitting on the side of the road.

The autobiography is her story – from the time she woke up in hospital after four months in a coma, to when she moved down to Florida to improve her health. Her struggle for survival, to live as normal as possible when confined to a wheelchair and with a brain injury, to how she overcomes the odds and goes back to work helping others.

Linda’s story is a powerful documentary about the will to survive, the power of sheer determination and stubbornness never to give up. Reading her story could change the way you think about life and how you live it.



 Very Inspirational!!!!!

1st time I was so inspired, I decided to write a review……Very inspirational. Really makes you see life differently. Linda is an awesome role model, especially for anyone with disabilities. Or anyone who feels sorry for themselves. 🙂 I’d recommend this book to everyone!!!!

Tom Lammi, United States

A Very Good Read

I went to school with Linda Lattin, She had such a wonderful future ahead of her. I didn’t find out about her accident until 2009. She sent me her manuscript and I thought it was a wonderful book then.
Yesterday my mother and I met with Linda at her home in Florida, she signed her book for each of us.
My mother started reading the book on the way home, by nine p.m. she was done. She will write her own review later.
When we got back to my mothers home in Ormond Beach, Florida I started reading Wheels of Mizfortunate, I was done by two a.m.
Wow, this is a wonderful book. A story that everyone should read.

Daniel Kencade Amsden, Floria, United States


Linda at the Beach 250x250Visit Linda’s Author Page and read more on her website lindalattin.wordpress.com





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