Red Dust Dreams

This is a book about the largest part of Australia. It provides written testimony to the way the people out there live, focussing on the domestic front.
Much of the content of most other books, documentaries, TV programmes and movies dealing with outback Australia focusses more on the outdoor side of life, only touching on the domestic side.
There is also a lot of history that is in danger of being lost forever. Some of this has been captured in this book.
The world needs this book.

In my book I have tried to:
•    Focus on the domestic side of life;
•    Show that despite huge distances, the people out there can still socialise;
•    Explain the way many different aspects are coped with in such isolation;
•    Also describe the feelings of those people who have made the mammoth move from life in urban Australia out to the outback;
•    The reader will learn about how those people live;
•    Through the images in each chapter, the reader will also see how spectacular the outback really is;
•    Children will learn the reality of where meat, milk, vegetables and fruit come from;
•    Readers will learn how people can survive without the convenience of shops;
•    Readers will gain a bit of an idea of just how mammoth some of these stations are;

Many of the books currently on the market appear to focus on only one or two stations or only one state. None seems to have focussed on the domestic side of life.
Women of the Outback by Sue Williams (Penguin Group, 2008). Looks at the lives of 14 different women of the land, but from what I can ascertain none of the ‘nitty gritty’ has been covered;
Women of the Land by Liz Harfull (Allen & Unwin, 2012). Looks at the lives of a further eight different women, but again not a lot of that ‘nitty gritty’ is included;
Outback Stations by Evan McHugh (Penguin, 2012). This book appears to cover much of the history leading up to and including detail about life on the stations. While it does delve into some of the positives and negatives facing the women particularly, there is not a lot of detail and again it does not go into a lot of domestic detail.


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