Samuel Says

Samuel Says is an easy-to-read narrative of how the author was visited by a wonderful, wise, witty down to earth Angelic Spirit Personality named Samuel, who proceeded to offer an extraordinary interactive opportunity to co-write basic metaphysical books with her. He also predicted Mankind will need to deal with many issues in the coming upheavals, and how these troubles can be used for enlightened change.

From this initial visit, the manuscript eventually emerged onto paper and is a no nonsense and easily understood communication, yet filled with informative overviews and insights on all Big Picture issues, and how each person is connected and can influence wittingly or unwittingly these issues.

Each chapter covers an insightful subject from an unusual aspect and comes complete with everyday examples, analogies and sometimes with personal exercises being suggested. These insights and offered knowledge have quirky, wry and in-depth hooks that trigger new thoughts and a new way of looking at everyday situations.

And running through each chapter is a string of information that empowers each individual to understand what they really are, and how their Personal Power Pack is an integral part of the Whole. Also, each chapter stands alone but can be intermixed with all others.

It is an unusual book that allows the reader to understand there is more to life than everyday living stresses, taxes, pandemics, bad governments, or wondering what the neighbours think of them. Samuel brings positive energy and hope into our lives and that is desperately needed in these challenging times.




Helen Porteous lives in the Mallee region of Northern Victoria and has always been interested in reading, writing, drawing and having adventures of the magical kind. Many thanks to the Mallee Artists Swan Hill for supporting the fun side of creating cute and curious creatures. Other published books are Sandy the Flipper Dragon – RoseDog Books, and MARA -Balboa Press.

Helen has also published Four children’s books

Fairyfolk and Other Strange Little Creatures

Fairfolk and the Magical Helpers

Fairyfolk and Fantastic Friends

Old Man Dots