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Your HR Ally

Your HR Ally is specifically written for those eager to prove their worth in the first few years of their HR career, or anyone looking to understand human resources practices.

This book will provide you with a comprehensive insight into the important pillars of HR, starting from the very beginning of the employee life cycle—recruitment—to the cessation of employment and beyond. Addressing topics authors have traditionally avoided, such as corporate politics and internal tensions that can arise from being a HR practitioner, Your HR Ally will teach you how to become a proficient player in an organisation’s political arena and kickstart your HR career into success.


“Melissa Hume is a Sydney-based HR professional with over ten years of human resources experience. She has always felt passionate about helping the community and coaching upcoming generations of HR practitioners. Her first book Career Guidance for Now and for the Future focused on how to secure employment through CV writing and interview techniques. In August 2020, Melissa was inspired and founded Career Guidance Now to support those who had lost their jobs due to the global pandemic.

Your HR Ally is Melissa’s second book. She noticed an inherent lack of Australian resources for those studying HR or seeking to pursue a HR career. Taking matters into her own hands, Your HR Ally was written to kickstart a HR career. In 2021 Melissa became an Excellence Awardee for ‘Australian HR Manager of the Year’. She has a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Psychology, as well as certifications in safety and payroll. “