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Senlac is an anti-war love story.

Classical composer Jack Stalwart is called up to go to war. The night before he leaves, in a vivid dream of the Norman invasion of England, Jack’s dilemma of being torn between his family and his country is mirrored by the Saxon hero King Harold as both are forced to make a stand in the struggle for peace.

Sometimes quirky and funny, sometimes caustic and heartbreakingly sad. Senlac looks at tomorrow through a prism of the past, and shines a spotlight on the pathway for today.


Andy Butcher

Born in London, at various times in his life Andy Butcher has been a labourer, a storeman, a hippy, a clerk, a cartoonist, a stagehand, a cleaner, a film extra, a painter, and an art teacher.

He lives near the beach with his family, in Australia.