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Lifetime Money

Like a player in a casino, you are programmed to inevitably lose your money, assets, time and effort. Despite this pessimistic view, learning the rules of the game and making your own luck is still within your grasp.

Do you feel that you are lacking ‘something’ or have unmet expectations in life? Have you ever wondered if working and earning money is simply a means to an end?

Lee Jae Kwon, author of Design Your Future and Attitude Makes Opportunities, has spent a significant portion of his life contemplating the links between happiness and financial success. Lifetime Money shares the lessons he has learned in the hope that it will help readers to prepare for their future and realize their dreams.

This insightful guide focuses on the concept of Lifetime Money (LTM), a specific amount of money one must calculate that will ensure a comfortable future, post retirement. It delves into the current economic systems that limit the achievement of one’s LTM, discusses how to increase one’s value through self-management, outlines ten working styles, and provides advice on how to achieve LTM through five essential factors.

Although achieving Lifetime Money is an essential factor in the pursuit of happiness, Lee Jae Kwon also reminds us that making money is simply a means to an end and must be considered in the wider context of what you truly value in life.


Lee Jae Kwon is the CEO and Founder of The Boo Steel & Technology. He founded the company in 1997 and in subsequent years it grew into a multimillion-dollar corporation. He graduated from Kyunghee University in 1988 with a degree in Chinese Language and Literature and joined the Korean Army Corps in 1991 (1st Lieutenant). His first book, Design Your Future, was published in 2017, followed by Attitude Makes Opportunities in 2019. He has since graduated from Seoul National University with an EMBA.

While undertaking my EMBA, he also met Hyung Lyul Choi, who at the time worked at a major South Korean conglomerate. He is 18 years younger than Lee and asked many questions about how to become successful, both in business and in life. Most of the contents of this book were distilled from the dialogues between them as he responded to Hyung’s queries. His questions sparked the inception of this book, and Lee is pleased to dedicate this book to him – wishing happiness for him and his family.

Lee’s native language is not English. He has only ever consistently used English over three years at his first corporation in order to perform his trading job well. It has been twenty years since that time. When he took an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) course in 2017, he realized that English books were a requirement, which motivated him to restart his learning of English. This experience further motivated Lee to write this book in English. Throughout the writing process, he have tried to improve his English.