Journey from No-thing to Everything

The Journey from No-Thing to Everything will provide you with the tools for remembrance and becoming the master of your own life. This transformative book will expand your view of the world and help you to let go of ego.

With this book you will journey into your power and become no-thing, so you can experience everything. The essence of everything is who we are, and when we connect with everything, we can live our life through absolute love.

The tools provided to you in this book are supported by two meditations: “The Rays of Love” and “The Rays of Everything”. These meditations will assist you in your journey into everything.

This book reminds us that we are all connected in this dance called life. When we remember this, we are able to experience the absolute love and joy of the journey of life.


Sue Lintern

I have spent most of my life seeking and meditating on the purpose of being here. I am a reiki master and counsellor whom regularly hold’s Reiki Attunements, Rays of Love workshops and spiritual spaces for people who have experienced loss. I also practise individual Reiki sessions and channelling work with clients.

I was catapulted into the light and spiritual work in 2014 with the passing of my son Drew. In some ways I died myself and have been born into a new life, with Drew as a powerful force behind me. Drew’s main message to me was ‘Let go of the reins I am with you always. Many gifts I’m sending to you be open to receive. These human experiences are not who you are, be your true self, the light energy’. Drew 2015

These messages created my first book ‘The Journey Is The Treasure’ where I share my experience of loss and the many treasures that were experienced, especially our connection to all things.
I also released a children’s book called ‘The Colours of Mother Earth’ with a meditation CD to go with it.

This next book The Journey from No-thing to Everything is where I share my personal experiences of letting go of who I think I am to become everything. Drew’s messages have been an integral part of the book, which opens us to different ways of perceiving this world. The journey is learning to remember who you are in this dance called life. You are the creator and master of your universe as you learn to become the sovereign being that you are.

The meditations The Ray’s of Love and The Rays of Everything are tools for allowing you to step into those spaces of no-thing and discover the different chakra points of the body. I have written and created these books and meditations to honour Drew and to understand that death does not exist and to remember we are eternal beings of light.

I have also been working with another lady developing an initiative called ‘Walking The Land’. There is much we can learn about ourselves from the land that surrounds us. Hanneke and myself take a conscious walk through properties to explore and reveal the stories held within it and how they can correlate with the lives of those living on it. In turn these undertakings help restore an original balance with peace and abundance unexpectedly re-available. Sometimes this repair takes place within the land or the structures that are built upon it. The walking of the land is a gentle process with powerful results as energies are released and healing is allowed to evolve innately. Hanneke and myself walk the land with a knowing of what needs releasing and healing safely. This initiative is an excellent opportunity to improve the flow of energy, which positively impacts on the overall well-being of all who live on the land.

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