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Marion Brownlie

Marion Brownlie


Marion grew up in New Zealand and began her life experiences with a difficult childhood, marred by dyslexia, and an even more difficult marriage, which nearly drove her to suicide. During this time, she had a lifechanging spiritual experience. The experience was the catalyst in rebuilding her life and the way she viewed life and the world around her. She also discovered she had the ability to heal people. Through all this, Marion raised three children, each of whom have their own special gifts.

Marion became interested inspiritual enlightenment, metaphysics, self-empowerment and self-healing. The self-healing she used to heal herself of the many traumatic experiences that were deeply hidden. Continuing to learn more, she moved onto personal development, soul growth, the sub-conscious, other dimensions, spirit possession, the unlimited power of Source, the effect fear and negativity has on our lives, and ventured into many areas of thought where people fear to tread.

She became a practicing Master Practitioner and Counsellor of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapist. She has also studied  massage and Reflexology as well as becoming a psychic/ intuitive and energy healer. Another disastrous relationship, which took Marion to Australia, and her unique journey continued.

Since rewriting The Awakening Marion has come to the realisation she always retained a part of herself that she didnt give away. This is what helped her to recover from her traumatic relationships. The Awakening is the unfolding journey of one woman, her life, her fears and her successes. Thank you for joining her on this journey…

Marion channels Source. She is an intuitive Healer/Psychic and Energy Therapist. Master Practitioner of (NLP), Hypnotherapist, Time Line  therapist and a Life/Soul Coach. She is available for consultations, workshops, meditations, group work, public speaking engagements, intuitive/tarot readings. She may be contacted through her web site Marion’s ‘I AM’ Source Guidance oracle cards to uplift and Guide you are available in 50 card sets.

More information is available on her website