Sophie Goes for a Walk

The story is written, and typed, by Rhianna Hudd, age 8. She loves writing stories, and this could be the first of many.



Sophie goes for a walk

Sophie is a young sun bear, who is still living with mum and dad. One day Sophie thought it would be fun to have an adventure. So, Sophie asked her mum if she could go for a walk in the forest.

“Of course you can dear,” her mum answered.

“Thanks Mum!” Sophie exclaimed.

So, Sophie  went to find her straw hat, then she set out into the forest. Sophie was whistling a tune as she wondered down the forest path. Just then a huge gust of wind blew off Sophie’s hat.

“Oh no,” cried Sophie as she ran after her hat.

“Got it,” she shouted Sophie when she caught it. Soon, Sophie was getting hungry.

Just then Sophie saw some berry bushes.

“Oh yum,” she said to herself quietly. So, Sophie went over to the bushes and started eating the berries. By the time Sophie was full she had eaten all of the berries.

“Oh, they were delicious,” Sophie cried. Just then, she realised that her cheeks were colder than the rest of her body. “Oh no!” she cried aloud, “I have berry juice all over my face.” So she got up and hid her face behind her hat till she got to the river.

“That felt good,” said Sophie as the shook her head from side to side. She had to have a quick drink before she kept going. Slurp… Slurp… Sophie drank quite quickly. “Oh, I should be getting home,” she thought aloud. So up she got and started running home.

As she was running, she bumped into Bo, one of her friends. Bo is a brown bear, and bigger than Sophie.

“What are you doing here?” Sophie said to Bo. “Well, I was coming over to your place for a sleepover, but you weren’t there so your mum asked me to go and find you. So I did,” explained Bo.

“But where’s Bella?” asked Sophie.

“She’s helping your mum with dinner,” Bo answered.

“Ok,” Sophie said.  So home they went.

When they got there, fish stew was on the table.

“Oh yum,” cried Bo as he sat down.

Soon, they had finished dinner and Sophie’s dad was home.

“Hi Dad,” Sophie said to her Dad.

“Hi, Sweetpea,” he said as he kissed her on the forehead.

“Ok, children, it’s time for bed.” Mum gave all three a hug.

“Night,” they all said together and off they went to bed.

“Goodnight,” Sophie’s parents said to them as they turned off the light and close the door.


The End.