Monthly Archive: February 2012

John McDougall Stuart – Book Review

John McDougall Stuart was one of Australia’s greatest explorers. He was relentless in his quest for a way through the centre of Australia and finding a route to the top end. He led six expeditions , each time pushing himself and his men to the brink of death. He travelled light with minimum provisions and horses, and just a few men. Stuart’s expeditions started in 1858 in search of Wingillpin….
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Half Price Manuscript Edit Offer!

 A beautiful manuscript page, with many hours of work. Editing those manuscripts would have been very time consuming, trying to decipher the handwriting. With most manuscripts being typed today, it is much quicker and easier to have a manuscript prepared for publishing. Has your book has been sitting on the top shelf gathering dust? It’s time to pull it out and together we can get your book ready for publishing….
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Make it Good – Interactive Fiction book

So you want to be a part-time Detective? Make It Good is an interactive book where you can play the detective and solve a murder. Can you give the drink away long enough to solve the case? A difficult challenge – you are going to have to think and take time if you want to progress through the book. Its a hard case with complex characters. To play the game,…
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Short Story – Appearance by Kate Peterson

It was during the first snowstorm of the new year. The color green was something you saw in pictures tacked to the wall or in a memory from what felt like years ago. I was living alone in a studio apartment in a shitty section of west Cleveland. Everything was the same color in that neighborhood, even in the summer. It was the kind of dirty grey that gets swept…
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