Life and a Glass of Milk

Vansh Sharma


This book is about life through the eyes of a child. It is an amalgamation of thoughts and experiences of a young writer who wants to grow up fast so that he can be independent to discover the world in-depth and what lies within… though when he is grown he will weep on the “good old days.”


Pages of Nostalgia,
Said the man as he smiled
As he shed nostalgic tears
Rolling to his parched lips
Quenching a portion of his thirst
Reminding himself of his thorough childhood
Memories, familiar faces,
Fiendish but friendly acts of
Affection and devotion to those he loved
And what was more, he dreamt
Of his outlooks on life
It was as if he had his current life
while sipping a glass of milk –
Life through the eyes of a child
– Vansh Sharma



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