by Albert Sedlmayer


The utopian dream of peaceful, prosperous humanity has always been just a vague fantasy, woven into minority ideologies, far removed from brutal, stark reality. But what if it were really achievable? And what if you could participate significantly in building it? The purpose of this book is to show you how you can build an awesome world future, whatever your religion, ideology and political convictions.

Ultimately our future is built by and with people. The sum-attitude of mankind and its diverse people groups determines whether we enjoy peace or endure war. A peaceful future cannot be built with apathetic people or groups, or those having a war-mindset. Every group to which we belong is made up of individuals, and these people and their leadership structures determine whether such a great future is achieved. You and I belong to some of these groups.

In this book you will find your personal role in building an awesome world future.

You will be shown the extent of the task where you will see …
the structure of this grand endeavour
what actions you can personally take to make it a happen
how to identify attitudes supporting and undermining it
why governments and the UN cannot build peace
the importance and sanctity of friendship – among individuals, groups and nations.

Particular personal attributes are required to build a great future. You will see…
the fuzzy boundary between fact and belief
why your perception is filtered according to your circumstances
how to strengthen your own core identity and integrity
how your groups validate your individuality, confirm your identity and influence you.

Virtually all of mankind is arranged in different overlapping systems of large and small groups. You will see …
why mankind’s supportive group systems must be preserved
how culture forms a crucial part of our personal, individual identity
how clashes between cultures arise and how they can be resolved and avoided
how the information age has given us the most effective peace-building tools ever conceived
how power concentrations can be fatal to mankind.

National governments must be able and willing to support a peaceful world future but that is not the case today. You will see…
why democracy is spreading worldwide as the preferred system of government
why today’s centuries-old democratic systems urgently need reforming
how national identity and integrity are intertwined
how freedom must be balanced with voluntary restraint for civilisation to be sustainable
how intolerance generates animosity and prevents peace.

Business is vital to support and maintain civilisation but it has some exploitative attributes. You will see …
how corporations easily become sociopathic
why some corporations destabilise or undermine democracy
how globalisation must be guided to avoid conflict
how we can raise the integrity of corporations so that self-regulation becomes viable.

Various types of Institutions and organisations help sustain civilisation and require adjustments to support a great, peaceful world future. You will see …
how the standards of integrity are being eroded by entertainment media
why generic, normative ethics must be taught to all young people
how taking these future-building steps can solve worldwide healthcare problems and poverty

A global accord of national governments is essential for world peace but we must choose the right flavour. You will see …
why each person must develop a global identity, alongside their own nationality and culture
why developed nations have a moral obligation to help poor nations
how the tragedy of the global commons scripts mankind to end civilisation within a couple of decades
how we can re-write the script and prevent that tragedy.

Humanity must embrace some practical constraints to become sustainable in every sense, and to attain and maintain this awesome world future. You will see …
how human population growth can be stabilised
how our diverse philosophies and beliefs already share enough common ground on which to build a great world future without having to compromise
a list of steps you can take to build world peace, summarised as a convenient reference list

Whether you are a quite, private person, a head-of-state, a teacher, miner or farmer, you will find the steps you can personally take to do your part in building an awesome world future. As we take these cumulative steps we will tip the balance and make it happen.

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PUBLISHED: December 2012


ISBN: 978-0987304032





FutureQuest is available in all main online bookstores.


Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers’ Favorite

“World issues always held a prominent place within my expanding perspective, amongst growing up, marriage and business.” Author Albert Sedlmayer’s concern about world issues is familiar ground to anyone. What differentiates FutureQuest from other books with a similar subject is that he gives more specific thoughts and practical solutions on different areas, which he evidently and carefully pondered on for a long time.

We are locked in the circle of negativity – exploitation, antagonism and conflicts, wars – just to name a few. According to Sedlmayer, the objective of FutureQuest is to tip the balance, defining the steps people can take to build a great future, by providing ample insight and inspiration to confidently take those steps, individually and collectively. A better world in the future is entirely achievable. He introduces a Macro System Design approach to connect all the pertinent elements together so that we adequately encompass the breadth of the challenge. As a whole, Sedlmayer outlines solutions to our problem areas, which can be planned out in detail by the respective, laterally-thinking experts.

Personally, I think FutureQuest is optimistic without ignoring the real obstacles of the world today in its effort to encourage people to strive for a better world. This magnificent material is for everyone, but I sincerely hope that it will be read and genuinely contemplated by world leaders. This is a commendable book from Albert Sedlmayer. I would definitely contribute my effort to achieve a better prospect for our world and hope that this venture will continue to resonate with others.


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