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Helen Parry Jones in Australia

Helen Parry Jones

Helen Parry JonesHelen Parry Jones has been able to connect with the spirit world since her earliest childhood recollections. Since then, her abilities have developed far beyond recognised Spiritual Communication and Spiritual Healing, to a much higher level of consciousness. Through her advanced ability, Helen Parry Jones is able to locate illness and discover malfunctions within the human body and that of animals, with astounding detail and accuracy. Helen has positively benefited the health and emotional welfare of tens of thousands of people during her ongoing Clinics, Seminars and Theatre Demonstrations at an International level. Furthermore, honesty, trust and integrity is synonymous with the name Helen Parry Jones, which has held fast during a successful thirty year career as a professional therapist. Her career has been consistently well documented in the press, on radio and during television interviews in the UK and Ireland.

Helen has complemented her career with her own weekly radio phone-in show in Ireland, to deliver her unique brand of emotional and physical healing to a wider audience. Over the years, she has accomplished substantial recognition and is highly respected as at the top of her profession. People find her remarkable, her audience become spellbound as she speaks and people really love her.

For many years Helen has had an online presence through her website and more recently she is endeavouring to use various social media. Helen Parry Jones is soon to launch her own web-casting and You-Tube channel.

Beyond Boundaries portrays and honest and illuminating account of Helen’s life as a Clairvoyant and Medium spanning over 30 years. Her humility and courage shines through on every page.Latest Books

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